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June 27, 2008

Truly, INTERNET has lots of surprises..

Seriously speaking, i was delighted to see that there are even songs for me.. by my name… wahahaha.. cool ahh.. punjabi song.. correct me if i am wrong.. but its truly amazing to know, among all of my buddies, im so international… hahahahah… cool cool cool.. ladies and gentleman, let’s hear it.. Hazri Song by unknown artistes!!! P/s ntah apa laa gamaknya makna Hazri dalam punjabi.. mintak mintaklah yang elok.. kalau idak takkan depa pi buat lagu ye tak? Heheheh.. By the way, hero dia tak ensem cam aku.

I found this youtube posting sebab tengah boring.. thought of completing some paperwork, tapi i felt empty pulak kepala ni. So, browse browse browse, ni dah 4.12 in the morning. raining outside since 3am. But i felt warmth with the following vidz that I stumbled upon on youtube, play it, you will be amazed, especially for those yang gilakan sangat si nuar tu (kenapa diaorang tak gilakan aku? wahahhaha I wished..). This vidz was posted two years ago (2006), mesti mak atau abah dia paksa dia nyanyi ni.. ekekekek.. takperlah.. comel. TENGOK THIS GIRL FEEL THE SONG.. TERANGKAT ANGKAT BAHU DIA.. DUN FORGET HER EYES.. COMELLLLL, GERAMNYAAA.. ENJOY IT FOLKS..

yawning.. ngantuknya… logging off.. 4.33am, jB


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