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July 21, 2008

Pahlawan Gelap? Pahlawan Dalam Gelap? Pahlawan apa ahh?

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Semalam, dua puluh haribulan julai dua ribu lapan, I made time to see The Dark Knight with an adorable woman – my wife, (bodek, mengampu)… best sehh that movie.. love the graphics, shots etc etc.. but then again, character orang keluang tu lemah sikit, as if it is being overshadow by Lieutenant Gordon. And actually, the whole movie was overshadowed by children screaming, handphone ringing, people whispering… ishh.. Malaysian tak pernah tengok wayang ke?

Anyway, this is follow-up to Batman Begins. Kiranya macam Star Wars yang banyak episode tu laa.. Kali ni, Batman raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organisations that plague the city streets.

The partnership proves to be effective, but they soon find themselves prey to a reign of chaos unleashed by a rising criminal mastermind known to the terrified citizens of Gotham as the Joker.

Tapi while watching this, if you kept on reading the subtitles, you will definitely be confused of the plot. Maklumlah, tukang terjemah kekadang tersasul.. tak ada kena mengena dengan dialog pun.. kekadang kelakar.. ekekeke..

For those yang mungkin kurang faham the lingo, bring a vocab. ekekekek… anyway this is a must see movie. sure syok punya..

“Six sequences of “The Dark Knight” were filmed with IMAX® cameras, including the opening six minutes. This marks the first time ever that a major feature film has been even partially shot using IMAX cameras, marking a revolutionary integration of the two film formats. The IMAX Experience® will appear in IMAX DMR (letterbox), while scenes shot with IMAX cameras on 15/70mm film will expand vertically to fill the entire IMAX screen, which can be up to eight stories tall, for an all-encompassing moviegoing experience.”

The above has been taken from the production notes, available at

Bruce Wayne aka Batman, ni orang kaya, warisan bapanya. He is a billionaire and the guardian of Gotham city. ehh, hopefully no one from the billionaire family does this ahh.. cause unless you come out with a high-tech or a sonar system that can read buildings, better stick to your routine.

“You either die a hero… or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Those are excerpts from Batman.. pretty cool ahh? So, for those out there, who thinks you can be a hero, remember the line. hahah.. Kiranya, macam darth vader laa, dulu Jedi, pastu jadik jahat.. jahat sesangat.. geramnyaaaaa… ahakss..

Last but not least, the motorbike that he rodes, is damn cool.. see it for yourself.. ni pakai tayar kereta BMW kot..

Well, enough said, get your ass up and watch the movie, worth your RM11 per movie. Bring a company and pop corn. Ohh, jangan buat drama dalam panggung wayang ya..




July 3, 2008

Pulau Batuan Tengah.. Middle Rock

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Selepas diisytiharkan serta sah milik Malaysia, kedaulatannya menjadi lebih signifikan dengan berkibarnya Jalur Gemilang tanggal 14 Jun 2008. I was part of this historical event..

Below is excerpts from Utusan Malaysia dateline 15 June 2008.

Jalur Gemilang perkukuhkan kedaulatan Malaysia

JOHOR BAHRU 14 Jun – Kedaulatan Malaysia ke atas Batuan Tengah kini diperkukuhkan lagi dengan penempatan struktur tiang bendera Jalur Gemilang hari ini.

Jalur Gemilang yang berkibar megah itu dengan jelas sekali dapat membuktikan kedaulatan negara selain monumen Sistem Penentu Kedudukan Sejagat (GPS) yang siap dibina di batuan berkenaan kelmarin.

Majlis yang cukup bersejarah bagi menaikkan Jalur Gemilang di Batu Tengah itu berlangsung pukul 11.45 pagi ini dengan disaksikan Setiausaha Majlis Keselamatan Negara, Datuk Muhammad Hatta Ab. Aziz.

Turut hadir menyaksikan majlis tersebut ialah Pengarah Ukur Bahagian Pemetaan Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (Jupem), Ahmad Fauzi Nordin serta Ketua Penguat Kuasa Maritim Wilayah Selatan, Laksamana Pertama Che Hassan Jusoh.

Muhammad Hatta dan semua delegasi termasuk wartawan [termasuk aku laaa, bangga sehh] turut menyanyikan lagu Negaraku semasa Jalur Gemilang dinaikkan.

Muhammad Hatta berkata, pembinaan struktur tiang Jalur Gemilang di Batuan Tengah merupakan langkah kerajaan untuk mengukuhkan lagi kedaulatan dan hak negara ke atas kawasan berkenaan.

Beliau berkata, struktur berkenaan dapat melengkapi pembinaan monumen oleh pihak Jupem dan pihak kerajaan turut berhasrat untuk membina struktur lain di Batuan Tengah pada masa hadapan.

“Setelah keputusan Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa (ICJ) menyaksikan kawasan Batuan Tengah adalah milik Malaysia, kita perlu mengambil langkah-langkah untuk mengukuhkan lagi kedaulatan kita ke atas Batuan Tengah ini,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di atas Batuan Tengah di sini

** end **

Some of us did made the trip historical to ourselves.. these are some of the photos:

I am the one holding the flag pole together with media personnel: Haikal and Ismail of Bernama; Khirul and Zul of Berita Harian; Kamil of Utusan Malaysia; Farid of The Star. In the background is Pedra Branca aka Pulau Batu Putih. [ Pix by Nooradzreen Mohd Nor – he is the one taking picture.. sorry Bob, gambar kau takder dalam ni.. hehehe…]

The trip begins at about 0900 hours with Agensi Penguatkuasa Maritim Malaysia – APMM boat from Stulang Laut jetty. Besar botnyaa.. ada some of us berangan ala-ala dekat Carribean, berjemur bersama model-model.. tapi sebenarnya, melecur kena panas.. the sun was phewww.. hot.. now, I can say that i am not that hot during the trip.. hahahah…

The All New Johnny Depp... hahah i wished..

Dah macam indon nak masuk Malaysia..

That is farid in his shade. That is one of his million attempts to pose. I dont know about you, but i think it works a bit, for the open sea [for the fish, for the sotong sotong, for the ketam ketam, for the penguins..] hahahah… Behind him standing is none other than me, waiting for my first encounter with The Flying Dutchman or Davy Jones or even worst Monstrous Kraken.. hahah.. me and movies.. The journey took us like 2 hours and panas panas panas.. Fortunately, APMM ada sediakan air mineral, buah limau (??) [later i got to know that is for sea sick.. hehe.. i almost sea sick..]

Bob Cuba Menzalimi Diriku.. ahaks..

Bob, Kosmo pixman, was so angry when I claimed that i resemble Johnny Depp, so this is what he did.. pushed me to the sea.. unfortunately someone took the picture half way, tak ambik pun when i was doing sommersault flipping back to the boat.. hahaha.. cerita dongeng laa ni.. ekekek..

I think this picture was taken masa kepanasan dah took away our sanity.. so, some of us, decided to jump boat. Bob was the first to jump (with a big, huge, tremendous, gigantic splash.. and im not lying to you), followed by Farid, Khirul, Haikal, Ismail, Rahman Embong, Kamil and of course there was Zul of Berita Harian that jumps to the sea. Lucky for me, i managed to be siuman and decided not to jump. Actually the deal was, everyone jumps except me cause I need to be to only survivor to make press statement to the media.. haha..

As a memory to Bob, that always be bahan buli aku (and has a big appetite for laughter).. here is a picture of him and me, kiranya macam paying tribute to him laa.. weii aku hidup lagi laa.. <– dia sms.. ekekekekeke

Horay, lepas ni kita semua boleh terjun ke laut..

p/s: tak tahu kenapa kitaorang angkat tangan macam tu.. tapi truly, masa angkat tangan tu, air laut berkocak kuat (lihat keputihan yang terhasil pada tebing batu dalam gambar tu kalau korang tak percaya).. mungkin hidupan laut tak tahan bau ketiak kitaorang kot.. ehh aku tak, aku pakai rexona beb.. Bob, bob, bob.. bob yang berbau..

Last but not least, memandangkan Jalur Gemilang dah ada di situ, we decided that we should abadikan kenangan di situ, yelah bila umur lagi nak sampai sana.. sejarah ni in the making.. so here we are, putting up a structure ala national monument..

National Monument Part One - Middle Rock versionNational Monument Part Two - Middle Rock Version

Terima kasih kepada Majlis Keselamatan Negara di Johor Bahru dan Putrajaya, of course to APMM team, to Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan. Thanks to Bob, Zul, Rahman Embong, Ismail (mana gambar tak bagi bagi lagi ni..) for the pictures..



See, internet has lots of things..

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Watch out.. Mcdonalds dah ada girlfriend.. no more single meal..

For those lonely guys, this towels could be useful sometimes.. how useful, don’t ask me ok.. i said don’t ask me.. tak reti bahasa ker? hahahah

June 27, 2008

Truly, INTERNET has lots of surprises..

Seriously speaking, i was delighted to see that there are even songs for me.. by my name… wahahaha.. cool ahh.. punjabi song.. correct me if i am wrong.. but its truly amazing to know, among all of my buddies, im so international… hahahahah… cool cool cool.. ladies and gentleman, let’s hear it.. Hazri Song by unknown artistes!!! P/s ntah apa laa gamaknya makna Hazri dalam punjabi.. mintak mintaklah yang elok.. kalau idak takkan depa pi buat lagu ye tak? Heheheh.. By the way, hero dia tak ensem cam aku.

I found this youtube posting sebab tengah boring.. thought of completing some paperwork, tapi i felt empty pulak kepala ni. So, browse browse browse, ni dah 4.12 in the morning. raining outside since 3am. But i felt warmth with the following vidz that I stumbled upon on youtube, play it, you will be amazed, especially for those yang gilakan sangat si nuar tu (kenapa diaorang tak gilakan aku? wahahhaha I wished..). This vidz was posted two years ago (2006), mesti mak atau abah dia paksa dia nyanyi ni.. ekekekek.. takperlah.. comel. TENGOK THIS GIRL FEEL THE SONG.. TERANGKAT ANGKAT BAHU DIA.. DUN FORGET HER EYES.. COMELLLLL, GERAMNYAAA.. ENJOY IT FOLKS..

yawning.. ngantuknya… logging off.. 4.33am, jB

June 11, 2008

Bersamamu di Pontian

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My 4th June 2008 Giornale [italian for Journal].

Take 5.. The two from right is the family featured. Beside me is Zaidi and her wife Kalijahwati - Bersamamu producer.

Nama kampung – Kampung Medan Sari, tak jauh dari pusat ‘bandaraya’ Pontian. Penggambaran berlangsung selama 3 hari bermula 4 Jun 2008. Two families were highlighted for this episode and at the location was Hajah Mazlin Nordin – executive producer, Kalijahwati Kassim – the producer, a practical student Zarith Sofia, my colleague – Afifi Hafiz and of course there is – the little me.




Simpati dengan dua dua family ni. Kesusahan mereka dapat dilihat jelas pada rumah yang tidak berdinding pada bahagian dapur.

Daif.. Keadaan usang ruang dapur penghuni rumah ini.

My assignment completed on 7th June at about 10.45am, before adjourning to our next assignment location @ Sri Medan, Batu Pahat which is about 50 kilometers away from Medan Sari, Pontian. We were showered with heavy rain dalam perjalanan, and I made a quick stop kat petronas, isi RM50 for Pajero, gosh, sikitnya minyak. That reminds me, tak boleh ker kita masukkan batu batu kecil dalam tangki, so that meter naik? Rosak tak? Haha..

Seronok drive Pajero Fauzi, lenguh jugaklah kaki menekan clutch. Rasanya besar sebelah betis sexy ku. Ahaks.

Ohh, only at 8am I realised, 7th June tu Hari Keputeraan Agong, and it is a public holiday. Public holiday = Holiday for the public! I guess i aint one of them.. siannn.. My wife called at 7am to tell me that her auntie passed away, diabetic and she’ll be heading to Batu Pahat as well. Al-Fatihah. Told her that I’m gonna be meeting her at the funeral.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Desa Penyayang, Sri Medan Batu Pahat, things jadik lain. A story to share, how wealth and luxury does not make Hajah Faiza less a human. Does the name rings a bell? Yup, she is at the helm of Beras Faiza yang sponsor Bersamamu. Sesuai dengan isi hatinya. She is so NOT hipokrit dengan apa yang dianugerahkan Allah SWT. Tersentuh hati tengok dia sanggup bersusah payah memandikan seorang wanita cacat di Desa Penyayang.

The Ghost Reappears..

Tak ingat when did we shoot this story for 360, [it was done on my birthday… hahaha, i guess that is my birthday gift.. tauhu and air soya] tapi gelak tul tengok minah indon ni dengan penuh confident, beritahu “boleh makan apa”.. hahha.. peluh dia menitik jatuh pada tauhu, kita pun makan tauhu bakar, rojak, sayur kacang panjang.. pengsan…

And my story today goes like this:

It was dark night at Jalan Johor Bahru – Pontian. Wind was whisking our ears.. cewah, pu itis punulak. Had a scene being shot near Singapore’s PUB reservoir, yup, right here in Malaysia’s soil. It was about a taxi driver gave a lift to a female, and sent her to a cemetery, at the wee hours. So, we had to reenact the scene properly to back up the tale. Was it a tale? Only he knows.

Thanks to little Nad, a part time model, she braved the scene perfectly clad in white, and the shooting begins at about 9pm. Seronok. Unfortunately, nobody took any picture of the making.

With her long rebond hair, clad in white, she fits the bill. Haha. Lain kali kalau ada misteri nusantara boleh panggil Nad. Tapi kasi abis periksa SPM dulu. 🙂

The result was good, on May 30, 2008; with the help from colleague, Mohd Fauzi Ishak – ntv7 correspondent in Johor, the scene looks good on TV3’s 360 on 4th June 2008.

Everyone was talking about betapa realnya the girl impersonate ‘hantu’. In fact, masa shooting tu, since the location is so dark, banyaklah kereta yang tetiba jek yang tertekan pedal minyak, kot terperanjat nampak perempuan rambut panjang melambai perlahan lahan. Ada pulak cakap, hantu cun. yang paling best, kekawan fauzi cakap, alahai, kalaulah pepagi gelap gelap, ada yang tahan cun macam Nad, sure diaorang berhenti. Cehh.. pantang tengok dahi licin.

Kebetulan ada sebuah rumah tinggal (abandoned house) next to the reservoir, so dijadikan props, dengan bantuan spotlight dari Pajero Mohd Fauzi. Cool kan? Yelah, mana nak cucuk lampu tengah tengah hutan belukar tu?

I was in Pontian, doing a shooting for Bersamamu, and watched it at this restaurant called Mandella. Fyi, this Mandella is a seafood restaurant located approximately 5km from the main road of Jalan Pontian – Kukup. Tak sangka ada restoran kat dalam tu. Sorry takder gambar but i can vouch for the nice food there.

The shooting for 360 was done with the programme’s journalist, Nurhasliza Nurasikin, (liza sms-ed me, indicating that the spelling is incorrect, it must be typo.. sorry ahh cik NORASLIZA NORASIKIN) although dia sendiri kecut lepas tengok all the effects being done to the part time model. Hahah, penakut gak yek kau Liza, aku segan.. ekekekek..

You know what, since i had to go back to JB that very night, yup on the night after 360; my journey back from Pontian was a bit dragged… rasa macam slow jek Pajero Fauzi. (Haha.. thanks pojee kasi pinjam Pajero yang penuh dengan bunyi keok keok keok..); bila pulak lalu kat reservoir tu rasa macam Pajero tu takda pickup langsung.. heheh.. bukan takut, segan.. heheh

Tapi seriously, memang real, when we did the shooting for 360’s ‘Hantu’.

Err.. takder ke pat on the back to say “good job bro ker, adik ker, handsome ker?” haha.. wishful thinking.

By the way, why do I drive Fauzi’s Pajero? Well, that is another story on how everyone should be extra careful while driving in Singapore. Those cheapskate Singaporean will do their best, after slamming into your car, be so deceiving / annoying giving lame excuse saying that they are not at fault. Yup, i had that experience, on 31st May 2008, a date that will remain in my memory on how bad the experience i had in Singapore. Not to mention how the police yup, police from a so-called DEVELOPED country does not know the procedure of a traffic accident report. Read on, and will tell you the chronology of event. (SEE POSTING THE SINGAPORE SAGA)

On a lighter note, sebelum mengundur diri, saksikan persembahan seorang artis tersohor.. tapi kat korea, korang tak kenal. Aku pun. Hahah. Yang penting, tengok pemain drumnya..

  1. Adakah dia over?
  2. Adakah dia disuruh beraksi sedemikian?
  3. Adakah dia sengaja berbuat demikian kerana terlalu teruja dengan lagu itu?
  4. Adakah dia cuba melakukan sesuatu di luar tabie?
  5. Adakah dia baru menerima berita gembira sehingga tidak dapat menyembunyikan perasaannya?
  6. Adakah dia pemain drum baru?
  7. Adakah dia, dia, dia, dia, rupanya boyfriend penyanyi itu?

Yang pastinya, kita semua tidak akan mendapat jawapannya sebab kalau tak silap, dah lama ia dirakamkan, maka toksahlah kita nak pikir kat mana pemain drum ini. Pada aku, dia ni seorang yang ‘feel’. Ohh, lupa, ia tidak ada kena mengena dengan mana-mana pemain drum sama ada yang masih hidup atau sudah tiada, kalau ada pun ia secara kebetulan (err.. kebetulan takder kamera untuk rakamkan yang sama spesis dengan orang tua ni. Rambut dia aku takleh handle sehh.. Ehh, ada tak sesaper tau bahasa korea, translate sikit, boleh kita buat kesimpulan kenapa orang tua happy semacam jek. Ok yek.. cheers!!

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